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[MN]- HVAC Consulting

Highly experienced advisory firm for consulting in HVAC Projects, Plumbing and Firefighting Systems.

  • Decades of project consulting expertise.

  • International experience (Middle East)

  • Offers training, mentorship, consulting.

Our Services

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from HVAC systems, Plumbing and Firefighting Systems.


Incudes all HVAC related solutions like HVAC design, heat load calculation, duct layout preparation, air outlet selection and  distribution, external static pressure calculation and much more..

Plumbing System

Design of booster pumps, transfer pumps, layout, estimation of water supply demand, preparation of cold/ hot water piping layout, air vent line, and grey water layout and much more..

Firefighting System

Design of firefighting systems, portable fire extinguisher, sprinkler systems, material take off and estimation, transformer fire protection system, cable basement and much more..

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