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HVAC Systems 

Expertise and Experience in -
  • Heat load calculation using computer software

  • Duct layout preparation

  • Air outlet selection and distribution as per ceiling layout

  • External static pressure calculation

  • Estimation of chilled water requirement

  • Chilled water piping layout preparation and total head calculation

  • Selection of all required valves, strainers, drain valves, air vents etc for function and balancing of chilled water flow

  • Chilled water pump room layout complete with all accessory equipment like air separator, pressure tank, chemical dosing pump

  • Selection of HVAC equipment like package A/C, split units, chillers, AHUs Heat exchangers etc

  • HVAC equipment layout preparation

  • Design of exhaust system for bath room, kitchen, car parking etc

  • Selection of humidifier as required.

  • Selection sound attenuator, back draft dampers, motorized dampers etc

  • Design of VAV system

  • HVAC control system and BMS

  • Preparation of shop drawings in consideration of building structure and other services.

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